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MyResourcer is the missing link in lead generation software which assists recruiters in their day-to-day business development process, helping them find new clients and job leads. MyResourcer enables you to create more opportunities for your existing and new candidates, generating more interviews and placements. Instead of recruiters having to call new companies without prior knowledge of their recruitment activities, MyResourcer empowers the recruiter with that knowledge so they know precisely what they are looking for before a phone-call is made.

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MyResourcer's lead generation system is designed for busy recruiters who need access to technology that is easy and straight-forward to use. The system delivers immediate results and has been designed to be a core part of a busy recruiter’s day-to-day workflow. Simply put, the system was developed to generate job leads for recruiters with a view to increasing their number of placements and, in turn, generate more revenue for their company.

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Work Smarter

With MyResourcer’s Watchdogs and Free Text Search, you will be working smarter straight away. Do you have candidates with hard-to-place skills? A quick Free Text Search across your uploaded websites will bring you back live job leads in real time. Do in seconds what it would have previously taken you days or weeks to do. With MyResourcer’s lead generation technology, the system does it all for you - quickly, effortlessly and accurately.

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Your Sector

Uploading your own client websites to your MyResourcer account will allow you to unlock the potential of your client and prospect database and receive job leads relevant to your own particular sector. Your Watchdogs will bring back results based on the job titles or search phrases you and your candidates are interested in. There is no restriction on the number of client websites you can upload to your MyResourcer account or the quantity of job leads that you receive. You are in full control.

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More Opportunities

It makes sense to be able to offer a good candidate, multiple job opportunities, rather than just one. With MyResourcer, using the Free Text Search tool allows you to locate positions for a candidate that you may not have been aware existed. This allows you, the recruiter, to present more opportunities to the candidate and increase your interview ratio and therefore increase your placements. Being able to present more opportunities to your candidates improves your recruiter-candidate relationship and retains their commitment to you.

This generates more business by improving the process of lead generation.

Ann Swain, CEO of APSCo

Proud finalists for the Technical Innovation of the Year Award 2012.

onrec 2012

This takes business development in the recruitment world to another level.

Roy Ripper, Co-Founder of Recruitment Juice