The IRG Welcome MyResourcer into their Community

IRG Official Sponsor

MyResourcer are delighted to announce that we have joined The Independent Recruitment Group (IRG), the body that represents the very best small independent recruitment consultancies in the UK.

Sean O’Donoghue, Founder of The Independent Recruiting Group comments, “We are very excited to welcome MyResourcer into our community. Small agencies have to juggle a huge amount of work in order to become successful. One of our aims is to help small agencies become more effective at what they do, by lessening their work loads. MyResourcer is an amazing tool for business development and lead generation. As such, we strongly believe that our members will benefit hugely from using MyResourcer, especially when they take into account the very generous discounts that they will get through their membership to The IRG.”

Bradley Placks, CEO, MyResourcer comments, “Lead generation is a huge problem for the smaller recruitment companies due to  resource restraints, we look forward to helping IRG members  find more vacancies quickly and offer more opportunities to their existing candidates. We’ve designed MyResourcer to fit into the work flow of every recruiter to make business development more targeted so it’s not just the larger companies who can benefit from our vacancy lead generation system and we look forward to joining the IRG at such an exciting time.”

MyResourcer enhances business development by assisting recruiter’s in their search for vacancy leads. MyResourcer monitors over half a million direct employer career pages, clients and prospects from the users database and jobs and alerts the recruiter when they are updated with new vacancies.

MyResourcer is available to recruiters on a subscription basis. Call 020 7078 7990 or visit for more information.

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This takes business development in the recruitment world to another level.

Roy Ripper, Co-Founder of Recruitment Juice