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Ninja Developer

This year we’ve seen a sharp increase in niche recruitment agencies taking up MyResourcer. So we started to wonder if our vacancy lead generation product could be used to find ANY job, no matter how obscure, weird or funny the job title.

In the next few weeks we’ll explore some of the weird and wonderful real jobs that are out there, starting this week with some familiar jobs which have been given new names.

  • Slug Catcher Expert – If this job conjures up images of men in wellies chasing after slippery bodies you wouldn’t be far off. Penspen are currently looking for a Slug Catcher Expert or more simply someone with oil pipe engineering expertise.
  • Google Doodler – On certain notable calendar days Google change their logo to interesting pictures, games and puzzles with my own favourite was the Pac Man Google Doodle. Google are currently looking for a new Google Doodler.
  • Director of First Impressions – Airkix are currently looking for someone to be the face of their company, attending to the needs of customers and making sure that their experience with Airkix starts off on the right foot. That’s right; they’re hiring a customer service representative.
  • Kick Ass Ninja Warrior – I’m not saying that tech jobs are boring, but whilst researching job titles for this piece it became clear to me that HR Managers invariably feel the need to vamp up the names of IT roles. This creative title is actually for an engine programmer for a gaming company.
  • Agile Evangelist / Scrum Master – Hallelujah! Yell Group is looking for a project manager to plan and execute the successful delivery of projects.

Have you come across any other creative job titles?

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This takes business development in the recruitment world to another level.

Roy Ripper, Co-Founder of Recruitment Juice