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MyResourcer has a great number of features that will help you develop new business and generate opportunities for your candidates. You can perform live job lead searches, receive daily notifications of the latest job leads as well as generate various reports that will help you get the most out of our system.

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Locating every vacancy page from your client websites - no need to find the career pages yourself, our cutting-edge technology does this for you. Utilising some very nifty technical gizmos, MyResourcer locates all relevant vacancy pages and monitors them on a regular basis for new vacancies to help you make more placements.

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Our Watchdog technology delivers new job leads direct to your inbox as soon as they are advertised on your client websites. Simply set your job titles and keywords, then sit back and wait for the results to come in. Our lead generation system keeps you ahead of the competition and lets you know who is recruiting.

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Get instant, fresh job leads by performing live geographical searches across your own client database and beyond. Our lead generation system stores all of the job lead data it discovers and stores it in your own secure account, allowing you to perform instant historical searches.

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Our Data+ product gives you the ability to search for job leads on half a million UK company websites categorised by industry sector. Simply select the sectors that are relevant to your business, and your searches will bring back fresh job leads and will present you with excellent opportunities in addition to jobs available within your existing client base.

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Monitor Job Boards with Board+ for results of positions advertised by direct employers and filter out agency adverts. Job boards will display both recruiter adverts and direct employer adverts, but with MyResourcer Board+ you can now, on selected job boards, filter out which adverts are from direct employers. Carry out text searches on job boards or create instant notifications with the MyResourcer Watchdog feature.

This generates more business by improving the process of lead generation.

Ann Swain, CEO of APSCo

Proud finalists for the Technical Innovation of the Year Award 2012.

onrec 2012

This takes business development in the recruitment world to another level.

Roy Ripper, Co-Founder of Recruitment Juice